The 7th International Conference on Energy Science and Chemical Engineering (ICESCE 2021)
Welcome Prof. M.Shahidul Islam from KUniversiti Malaysia Sarawak. Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering to be Conference Chairman!

Welcome Prof. M.Shahidul Islam from KUniversiti Malaysia Sarawak. Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering to be Conference Chairman!

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Prof. M.Shahidul Islam

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. 

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Malaysia

Professional Profile:

Operations Research in Engineering for Achieving Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Shahidul Islam is a Chartered Professional Engineer and is attached with various professional institutions. His professional identifications are: CEng (UK, IMechE Reg no: 80428837), PEng  (Reg no: IEB 02/0057). Fellow (Reg no: IEB F/07361), Fellow (Reg no: BSME 08). Member IMechE (Reg no: 80428837 UK), Member IE ( Reg no:1161007NZ). Research ID Malaysia: 18799 BEM.

His professional activities and specialization are in industrial environmental engineering encompassing of process systems engineering in resource recovery (water and energy) from bio-effluent, waste biomass and hazardous waste. He is actively involved in global research and innovation network including ‘the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, China, Italy, India, Bangladesh, Singapore and Malaysia. 

Research Filed of Professor Islam is the leader of the Operations Research Laboratory at the Faculty of Engineering and is actively involved in academic activities and research for industries. His researches focus on contributing to reduce carbon emission from industrial waste biomass and bio-effluent towards resource recovery and green energy production in mitigating to climate change effect in accordance with the United Nations SDGs Agenda 2030. He also specializes in water desalination, fresh water production from wastewater, carbon emission control from waste biomass and bio-effluent in accordance with the SDG-6 (safe water for all) SDG-12 (sustainable production) and SDG-13 (sustainable environment and climate

action) by the aid of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology. 

Recent performance, in last three years (since 2016), he has successfully executed a few research and commercialization projects with an outcome of about RM 1.0 million, 20 journal publications, one book, four chapters in the book, and applied for two intellectual property (IP) rights. His KPI in academic and research performance are 95%, 87% and 98% in the year 2017,2018, and 2019 respectively. As of 2019, his CPD is more than 90 hours per year. He presented 16 keynotes at the national and international level. Contribution to science and knowledge domain of Shahidul Islam is an editorial board member in ISI ranking journal (Science International Journal Lahore). He is also appointed by a few international journals as a paper assessor including the International Journal of Manufacturing, Technology, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management and International Journal of Operations & Production Management.